Web Content Case Study:

SportsNet Holidays increased website engagement

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The Challenge

Identify cost-effective ways to get more quality visitors to the Sportsnet Holidays website and increase engagement and conversion outcomes.


The Approach

With the Sportsnet Holidays website adequately merchandising travel and sports ticket packages for sale to the world’s biggest and best sporting events, Cherryielding implemented a simple content development plan to write and publish two inspirationally written, informative and resourceful content articles per week (from Sportsnet Holidays brand point of view) on sporting events and the destinations that host the sporting events, to assist browsers with their online planning and researching.

Along with assisting prospective customers through the online customer journey, the underlying strategy was devised to attract more organic search traffic to Sportsnet Holidays website and to generating increased social sharing behaviour from those who visit (through the provisioning of basic social sharing tools on the pages per article).  A new “Planning & Inspiration” hub was added to the website to accommodate and support the strategy.

The intended audience the content was curated for being higher up the funnel, meant that other than higher engagement and improved behaviour scores online being discerned, immediate sales conversion into bookings was not a core objective or expectation.

The Results

In order to test how effective this kind of content was, Cherryielding built out two segments within Google Analytics, one which contained any users which had visited any of the planning & inspiration content pages, and one which did not include those customers.

From the data analysis it was clear that visitors who did touch / pass through the new Inspiration & Planning content articles on the website …

Were 24.62% less likely to bounce

Viewed on average 1.43 more pages per session

Stayed 3.44 mins longer per session; and

(drum roll)

Converted 0.42% more of visitors into actual formal leads generated for outbound calling/sales conversion)


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