Abandoned Lead & Shopper Conversion

Automated Technology Solutions from Cherryielding

What is it?

An automated two-pronged solution that gets online shoppers proceeding through your booking path but who abandon, to convert into an online, direct channel transaction (not via an indirect sales channel or with a competitor).

* Uses state of the art mouse sensor technology, simple tagging and personalisation

* Helps minimise marketing wastage from those you’ve paid not just to visit your web but who progress into the ‘intent to purchase’ funnel

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How does it work?

Why add this to your e-commerce mix?

Looking for more ROI from your marketing?

✔ Nil cost to set up and ongoing costs are variable based on performance

✔ Creative, messages & offers tested and refined easily and without cost

✔ Increases aggregated conversion rate of web channel (and drives web revenues)

✔ Increases individual conversion rate per inbound marketing channel (and CPAs)

✔ Allows online media spend up-weighting with confidence, giving more exposure and reach (benefits) to fill up more traffic at the top of your funnel

✔ Helps shift more business to digital direct channel

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