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So why haven’t you optimised your analytics yet? As part of Cherryielding’s suite of performance marketing services, Analytics is one of the most critical. We remove the pain of having to login to half a dozen different platforms to see your data, and just give you the essentials, presented neatly and easy to access.

Insights about website performance and marketing activity will be generated on a regular basis, as you need. We prioritise the metrics which most matter to your business, whether that’s traffic, ad conversions, revenue or return on your marketing investments. We tailor to your exact needs.

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Google Analytics Setup & Configuration

One-Off Project, Enabling Customer Insights

Whether you have a Google Analytics account already set up or need one made from scratch, Cherryielding makes sure it is configured to be the powerful analysis and performance reporting tool it was designed to be.

We make sure Goals, Tagging/Events, Channel Tracking, Funnel Visualisation, Multi-Channel Attribution, to name a few features of Google Analytics, are all configured accurately along with a robust Data/Performance Dashboard for monthly reports.

We spend the time to guide you on how to use the tool with ongoing training and support provided as required!

Need Instant Insight? Access Your Data Dashboard

The days flipping through 30+ pages worth of PDF reports every month are over! Or at least they can be, with a tailored data dashboard from Cherryielding. Through a collaborative process we develop an interactive dashboard exactly to your needs. We help you choose the information you need to track each month, from traffic to revenue, impressions and more.

Being mobile-friendly you can easily pop this open during meetings on your phone, or throw it up on the projector for the team to see. We feed in a huge variety of data sources as well, from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Saleforce, and even can upload custom data from nearly any source.

Our team of highly specialised analysts will even take a deep dive into the back-end data, and can comment insights into the dashboard if you need.

Leave the excel-crunching in the 1990’s and upgrade today with a data dashboard from Cherryielding.


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