Digital Training Courses

Digital training with real life case studies for staff and students

Engage our industry experts as your outsourced marketing department (for a fraction of the cost)

Upgrade the skills of you and your staff

This digital training program from Cherryielding enables you to feel truly confident the skillset of you and your team is equipped for the modern digital marketing industry.

With world-class experience across a huge range of industry verticals and customer types our trainers are more than just a face on the screen. We go beyond just training on the essentials, but follow you up and troubleshoot any problems you have when using your new skills.

Do you have a specific training area, niche or focus area? Let us know and we’ll tailor your training around that. Our feedback and early questionnaires narrow the learning levels to be most relevant and accessible for you or your team.

How Do Our Digital Courses Work?

In order to be most effective, our training courses don’t just outline the key information, we use live elements to increase the engagement with the course material. We follow up with you regularly, working alongside your team to address any issues or specific learning areas.

We Offer Both A Deep & Wide Range of Training Subjects

Feel confident in your trainers, with World-class experience across all verticals

The trainers from Cherryielding team have delivered major projects across leading clients around the world, from London to Jordan, and Sydney to Fiji. Our experience covers a huge range of different industries, products and customer types.

60min consultation to identify proven tactics increasing your visibility, online traffic & sales

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What makes our digital training so essential?

1. The modern landscape changes faster every day, with new software, industry guidelines and customer requirements. Staying on top of this change is specifically our job – And we pass the most essential pieces straight to you.

2. Learning new tools and software’s is about much more than just reading the user guide or a video tutorial, you have to put it into practice. Our live demos and exercises guide you through the process, at your own pace.

3. Early feedback tailors the training specifically to you, and your level of existing knowledge. Don’t leave you, or your team-members scratching their heads in confusion!

4. At the end of the training you receive a qualification specific to your area of study.


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