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1. Defining the Channel through your Data

Cherryielding analyses channels & touch points across Social and beyond. Outside of the platforms themselves, social media customers carry on to engage across many other touch points. Data in this report seeks to understand how social plays a part in the follow-through behavior of a customer after exposure to a social platform.

2. Positioning Social “in” The Funnel

3. Conduct SWOT: Strengths & Weaknesses

Cherryielding audits key social platforms for your brand to identify strengths and issues from technical items (sharing integration, account details etc.) to content posting (times, frequency, content pillars, etc.). Comparisons to your direct competitors are also made.  Key findings are extracted and put forward to enable immediate actions.

4. Conduct SWOT: Opportunities & Threats

In order to identify all opportunities, Cherryielding takes an in-depth look into the social media landscape in your source market/s as well as examines and contrasts what the leading brands (socially) are doing when it comes to activity, engagement and performance.

5. Strategic Direction & Tactical Plan

From this convergence and consolidation of data, channel & competitor auditing and best-practice insights, a final strategic direction and detailed mix of tactics is formulated for your brand to action. Cherryielding also spends time establishing a realistic social marketing budget and KPIs for measuring effectiveness.

Our Social Toolkit

1. Organic Content Calendar

The content pillars for engaging organic social activity for your brand are formulated, as well as the manufacture of an organic social content calendar.

Cherryielding can also schedule and post this content, placing tracking URLs for performance measurement and reporting purposes.

2. Increasing (Targeted Audience) Reach via Paid Social Advertising

If Paid Social Advertising & Campaigning is a new addition in your marketing mix, Cherryielding can nominate a test budget and channels to begin a rollout; as well as set up both Social Media & Advertising Accounts for you.

3. Harnessing Social Influencers

A Social Influencer is someone who has a big following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. They share content that inspire and engage their followers, thus attracting an even larger audience.

A variety of tools are available to assist in identifying relevant social influencers but a relationship is necessary to ensure they’re receptive, favorable to the brand or product, reliable and consistent.

4. Tactics: User Generated Content

As the most genuine, effective and valuable form of content experienced by your social customers, UGC (user generated content) requires particular focus.

Cherryielding outlines methods to foster this kind of content organically through actions such as competitions, re-sharing, free resources and more.

5. Video Assets To Better Engage Your Audience

Video assets are essential for social media marketing activity and budgeting.

Cherryielding researches the best use of social formats and trends and makes recommendations on the most affordable (short-form) methods to produce and/or leverage video assets for your brand.

6. Integration Across Online Marketing Channels

The scope of our Social Media Marketing efforts extend outside of the channel itself to cover a wide range of related touch points:

  • Integration of sharing tools, social elements within your website, and how your customers find your social channels
  • Collaboration with SEO and content production efforts; how to best talk between channels and what is needed to plan effectively (e.g. calendars, topics)
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