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Our Approach

Cherryielding takes a data-driven approach to SEO, based firmly in customer search terms and keywords.

From this foundation we build out other key activities to ensure the website best reflects the questions and information customers are looking for. The website experience is front and center throughout any actions that we take.

Finally, amplification of the website happens through opportunity analysis and outreach by Cherryielding, increasing awareness and authority of the brand online.

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Our SEO Toolkit

1. Technical Quick Wins

This audit focuses only on the most crucial elements of the website which need to be addressed immediately. Actions taken across these areas will improve the customer experience and remove any major hurdles for search engines to rank the website effectively.

2. Keyword Universe & Gap Analysis

Exploring the thousands of queries customers may use to research and book their holidays. Analysing customer needs and finding gaps in the current website offering. Using data to structure the website and content

3. On-Page Optimisation

– Taking a customer-centric approach to providing quality information and consistency between Search Engine Results and the web page.

– Assist in differentiating key service line pages with unique titles, headings and descriptions

4. Offsite Opportunity Analysis

– Tactical outreach to partners and publishers who have shown interest in your brand but don’t feature a dedicated link.

– Understanding competitor offsite strengths and working to mitigate their advantages

5. Full Technical Audit & Servicing

– Scale of technical issues varies significantly, from sitemap updates to increasing page load speed.

– The highest priority items are addressed first, ensuring the most pressing items are fixed for customers and search engines.

6. Content Gap Analysis & Production

– Rich content calendar moves pressure away from last minute decisions, ensuring more time is allocated to high yield pieces

– Specific new landing pages are detailed, with titles, topics, descriptions, URL structure and how they link to other pages.

– Multi-channel collaboration is essential, linking into both email and social strategy

7. Site Architecture & Journey

Informed by customer data, the website plan should reflect their needs and their typical journey toward a booking. This activity looks at both entire directories, listed in the main navigation, and throughout the structure of a URL. Specific actions are then listed on how they should be changed both in structure and also which pages they should be linked to, to promote easy customer navigation.

8. Competitor Offsite Analysis

The analysis looks at both the keywords which are highly competitive and the significant competitors which rank for them. The outcomes for this are:

– List of keywords to avoid spending time to actively target.

– Specific opportunities for content and third party publishers which may offer a link.

9. Monthly SEO Updates & Transparency

– Insights about organic search performance and activity will continue to be generated on a monthly basis

– These will prioritise tiered keyword rankings, website alerts / changes and updates on key deliverables

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