Content & Audience Segmentation For Retargeting

Drive customers straight back into the path to purchase with relevant, specific ad messaging

Retargeting is a key facet of advertising activity, driving visitors back to your website if they have left without converting. A cookie is dropped into their browser, and they are segmented into one of many data-driven audience groups. They are then served a highly targeted ad when they visit Facebook or one of the millions of websites which are part of the Google Display Network.

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Why is Segmentation & Retargeting so valuable?

The path to purchase is more complex and multi-layered than ever; now with multiple devices, third parties and aggregator websites. Retargeting ensures you don’t lose your customers right before they would have converted.

Much more cost-effective way of increasing overall conversions. Retargeting is one of the most cost effective ways to drive visits, as it can be matched against a specific website section, customer journey phase or product.

Audience segmentation is data-driven, ensuring you’re not only reaching your best customers with relevant, specific content, but motivating them to move down the purchase funnel.

Increases the efficiency of other marketing channels. Your ROI on paid search, social, display, etc. will be much higher across the board as you’re leveraging vital content at that final step of the entire process.

Smart Segmentation

Using A Data-Driven Approach To Build Your Audiences

We analyse your online customer journey…


We segment customers into each of the key phases…


We match motivating content and product categories for each customer…


We then overlay demographic, geographic, time of day, monthly trends data and more…

Which age and gender groups are the best converters?

What regions (country, city, post code) are most active on the website?

What time of day, and period in the year do customers convert?

…to transform your retargeting channel

An example campaign for Australian Traveller, working across many source markets, audience segments, product types, discount codes and more – to create highly relevant, specific ads for each customer.

Moving towards more profitable outcomes with Segmentation & Retargeting from Cherryielding


  • The segmentation can happen through both Facebook and Google Analytics, and can also be leveraged across other platforms. In order for this to be most effective, it’s important that the audiences are large enough, and with enough users in the ‘pools’ to target – both for the retargeting itself or to create similar audiences for prospecting.

Relevant, Engaging Content

  • The aim is to nurture the leads and guide them through the customer journey funnel from the Inspirational phase (with inspirational content), to the Purchase pages where the user can convert.
  • This kind of campaigning requires content that is attractive and inspirational for the user within each of the Inspiration, Planning and Purchase stages.

Campaign Pacing & Optimisation

  • Once the campaign has launched, Cherryielding optimizes the overall pacing and budget spend, and also the spend levels between different campaigns. More profitable campaigns will have budget reallocated to them, to maximise ROI.
  • In depth analysis and reporting on key metrics is conducted each month and insights are shared with the team.

Getting started with Retargeting

Data Validation & Analysis

  • Before getting started Cherryielding will undertake analysis and discussion on the various parts of the website, and their content. We determine how usable it is, and set benchmarks on performance for the campaign.

Website Tagging

  • Cherryielding will advise and assist with the rollout of the necessary tagging features for your website. This may include some essential tags such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc.
  • Once this is in place, audiences can begin to be built and start collecting users. A minimum of several days to a week is sometimes needed, in order to collect enough users to begin campaigning.

Creative Resourcing

  • Creative assets, images, taglines, messaging, etc will have to be sourced and reviewed, working with various creative agencies or third parties as needed. Please note: CY does not provide the creative resourcing as a direct part of this service.
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