Keyword Universe & Gap Analysis

Optimal Ranking & Digital Content Solutions from Cherryielding

What is a Keyword Universe?

A highly comprehensive database of keywords that a customer could possibly use to find a website related to what they are searching for. This covers thousands of potential search terms, all of which are related to your business/brand and fall within a wider area of authority.

Taken from all stages across the customer journey, this analytical project identifies highly relevant keywords your brand is possibly not ranking on as well as unlocks content opportunities for your website …and other digital activities.

Why invest in your customer’s search data?

Without broad and rich data sets for customer searches it’s impossible to know how to tailor your website to meet customer requirements.

This data is absolutely necessary given the wide range of organic search and digital communications hinging to it. It forms the bedrock for content production, on-page optimisations and even what third party websites and industries you might want to work with, as part of your off-site strategy.

  • Searches indicate what your audience is interested in. Without this it’s not possible to provide the right information through your online channels; you’d just be guessing.
  • Understanding which search terms are typically used in searches allow you to target these and maximise your visibility and subsequently conversions.
  • While primarily an SEO exercise, this data is also channel-agnostic, and can be utilised for a wide range of other channels.

Moving away from individual keywords to a more robust approach

Some members of the search marketing industry have proclaimed the death of keywords for a long time. Yet it’s still the case that they form an integral part of the organic search strategy.

Cherryielding places less emphasis on the individual keywords and takes a holistic approach; considering topics, categories and core areas of your brand. Each of these can be represented by hundreds or thousands of keywords.

This method still allows decision making through rich customer data without hinging your strategy to a handful of specific keywords.

Increases the efficiency of all other marketing channels. Your ROI on paid search, social, display, etc. will be much higher across the board.

Our Approach

Every keyword is mapped against the online customer journey

Using signals and logical extrapolation, phases of the customer journey are assigned to every keyword.

This informs where the opportunity is; do you have enough content and landing pages to accommodate your customers interest?

The Gap Analysis detects holes in your website’s content offering

This is examined across the customer journey so your business knows at which stage it should improve it’s communications toolkit for attracting qualified prospects.

Using a Red, Orange, Green and Grey colour scheme, it’s possible to see where you’re ranking or not, to understand how your digital content performs in organic search. Everything other than Green can be considered a gap which should be addressed with marketing activities.

Keyword & Ranking gaps are examined across your products and areas of authority

Are you adequately talking about all your product offerings, attractions and brand values?

This analysis also looks at how visible your key categories are organically – and what the opportunities are.

There’s very likely other ways your customers might try to seek out a brand like yours, meaning it is vital you’ve got the necessary information for them to find.

Looking for more ROI from your marketing?