Email Marketing

Strategies & tactics that scale

Email Marketing is a marketing asset

In terms of online marketing channels and tactics, it’s among the oldest.

Yet it’s still one of the most reliable, highest ROI channels in the marketing mix.

You own the data. Customers have consented to hear from you.  You determine the strategy.

You are in full control of this direct line of communication with your audience.

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Why enhance your email strategy?

*   It is highly measurable – it allows tactical implementation and testing, with rapid response

*   It lets you tailor relevant content to your audience (you know their preferences and behaviours)

*   Email is a low cost channel allowing you to reach a large number of subscribers for very little

* Email is your own media and so gets you in-market instantly

*   Email helps to increase brand exposure, customer engagement and retention

*   Small, strategic changes add up to big outcomes

Our Approach

Data & Email Marketing Program Audit

Cherryielding undertakes a review of your data situation and email marketing program to assess opportunities that can be unlocked to drive channel performance.  From organic list acquisition gaps to email template design, a raft of proven email success drivers are audited.

We also examine and contrast your set up against that of your direct competitors – as well as from an analysis of brands that are leading the email space (best of breed / class).

Strategy Setting

From a comprehensive audit and best of breed analysis and alignment to your formal commercial objectives, we develop a strategic plan to transform your email marketing program into a high performance channel.

The email strategy we recommend is custom-fit and designed to extract the best results for the least investment.

A six (6) month road map is constructed to give your new email initiatives prioritisation, allowing effective resource utilisation, planning and quick wins.

Develop Tactics & Assist Implementation

Finally, we assist you to alter and implement a number of email marketing tactics underlying the new strategic direction and proven to dial up email marketing performance.

Tactics span whether your data connectivity and management is right, emails are getting delivered, recipients are opening, unsubscribing, updating their details, hard bounces are being removed, feedback loops in place (i.e. those who junk/spam you are unsubscribed, as the ISPs expect, so as to not endangering your brand/email reputation to be black listed) … to name just a few.

Our Email Toolkit

Email marketing is not just about batch-and-blast campaigns to a list. Dependent on your objectives, there are distinct tactics that can be leveraged and refined to maximise ROI.

*   Organic (List-Growth) Acquisition – there are many ways to attract new subscribers list at little or no cost so long as the opportunity to join is prominent and the benefits/reasons to join, clear.

*   The low hanging fruit is one that is geared to customers transacting with you and also to suspects during their research & planning (across all your marketing and sales channels).

*   Every touch-point can be leveraged to get opt-in

*   Subscriber Onboarding – we review the experience of a new subscriber to enhance the process and maximise immediate conversion

*   Template design – there are best practices methodologies in the design, layout and content of email campaigns that achieve a higher % of deliverability, open rates and click through rates (and for mobile)

*   Campaign and program metric analysis – email provides a range of metrics that provide insights into what is working well and where tweaks can see to improvements

*  Behavioural-Targeting – subscriber data and stored preferences are important yet behaviour of subscribers (on your website via pixels) post-click informs what products or services they are in-market (critical content in your next campaign)

*  Simple sign-up forms – streamlining the customer experience to maximise conversion

* Pop-up forms – using pop-up forms on your website to capture more new subscribers

* Quality Assurance checklist – with a range of email platforms and domains used by subscribers, we quality-check campaigns to bulletproof your campaign design and code

Content specific eDM to subscribers who engaged with ‘whale’ and ‘natural encounter’ content over six months based on pixel tracking

  • Unique Open Rate: 47.33%
  • Unique Click Rate: 13.95%

*   Triggered emails – to subscribers at key moments in the relationship to maximise engagement, conversion and retention

*   Reactivation programs – with deliverability a key metric/outcome, re-engaging your inactive subscribers is not just best practice, it may save you from the Spam folder

*   Dynamic, personalised content – why send multiple versions of the same email when you can send one with slight variations tailored?

*   Testing – with a wide range of variables, we can systemise a testing program to tweak and optimise results

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