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Digital Advertising & Re-Targeting

The digital media landscape continues to grow as brands continue to shift more budget towards digital advertising and re-targeting media, making it one of the more effective marketing channels for marketers today.

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Priority #1 For Your Marketing Budget

The  1st priority in your online mix is to increase awareness and interest – which the Display channel delivers most – the channel prioritisation that follows, as shown, must reflect a conversion focused plan (pushing down the funnel) with $ covering the entire customer path to purchase.

What is Digital Display Advertising?

A (powerful prospecting) channel that helps brands generate “Awareness” at the top of the online customer journey (funnel).

What is Digital Re-Targeting Advertising?

A channel that allows a brand to diversify and follow up prospects in the“Consideration” stage of their online research.

On average, only 1 to 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Display Retargeting recaptures the high value and high intent customers among the 98% who did not convert, and drives them back to your website.

Display Advertising & Re-Targeting Working Toward A Common Goal

Together, Display & Re-Targeting Advertising assist in pushing prospects down the sales funnel towards the “Intent to purchase” stage.

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic (technology platforms) gives advertisers real-time data access to display & audience networks by automating the buying and selling of online advertising (via a DSP – Demand Side Platform).  These platforms  use 1st and 3rd party data to allow you to prospect to lookalike audiences matching those that have actually purchased from you, visited your website or demonstrate relevant interests and behaviours – and then buy digital ad inventory through an auction, one impression at a time, or if needed, through direct relationships with publishers that have the right audience; not constrained by any one website or exchange, including Google.

Cherryielding Has Brought In-House Australia’s Number 1 DSP Ad Tech Platform

(As Voted The Last 3 Years by Forresters)

We are proud to say we use the best technology in the market today. Our demand side platforms have been named a leader in both display and video by Forrester in The Forrester Wave TM: Demand-side Platforms, Q2 2015 and The Forrester Wave: Video Advertising Demand-side Platforms Q4 2015.

This position solidifies the value we bring to our clients, on a daily basis.

We get you access to all Ad Exchange Networks.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Inventory comes from 30+ sources. NOT JUST GOOGLE.

More opportunities with Cherryielding to find your best target audience

Cross Device Targeting Is Here

Cherryielding, via technology initiatives with its key DSP partners, can now offer a new level of cross platform targeting to ensure your message is viewed on all devices your audience engages with.

The Benefits Are Plentiful

Acquire New Customers

Serve display ads to targeted audiences to drive new customers to your site using various targeting methods.

High Performance

Targeting with Exclusive 2nd Party Data Using 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, target your audience at the user-level and at scale.

Expert Managed Services

Our dedicated account management and trading teams are focused on customer service and campaign optimization.

Expert Managed Services

Our dedicated account management and trading teams are focused on customer service and campaign optimization.

Allocate Ad Spend Effectively

Allows you to effectively allocate spend on highly targeted audiences, best performing geographies, and bidding strategies.

Brand Safety

All inventory we purchase are fully audited, and we cap the number of ads the same customer can be served

Trial Digital Display Advertising & Re-Targeting from as little as AUD $5,000

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