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Experience-Driven Brand Strategy

Our approach is unique in that we prioritise unearthing innovative ways for brands to create memorable, meaningful (and magical) experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

We initially go through 2 key phases to identify the opportunity we want to leverage or the obstacle we must overcome.

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1. Discover

2. Define

3. Deploy

4. Brand Identity & Language

1. Discover

Our Discovery process is about immersion and insight generation. We generate insights around 4C’s to help us identify the Problem or Opportunity for the brand.


We aim to unearth the cultural fuel or tension that can unlock brand growth. We look at the cultural mythology, trends, and world in which the brand operates to identify cultural opportunities.


Different segments from different markets will have very different expectations of a brand. We will use design thinking and behavioral psychology to understand motivations pain points, to land on a powerful human truth that unlocks growth opportunities for the brand


We believe in leading not following. We don’t do traditional competitive analysis of other competitor campaigns, rather we go beyond advertising and look at cultural semiotics. How do we look to create unique narratives that will disrupt the category landscape?


Brand and product campaigns need to be rooted in reality, not spin. We interrogate what is remarkable about the brand, product service and through Stakeholder interviews and a historical viewpoint of the brand.


From our Discovery Analysis we identify the key Problem that the Brand Strategy needs to solve to inform the Purpose/Positioning.

2. Define

Once we have defined the Challenge we’re able to move on to Defining the BRAND FRAMEWORK to govern all brand behaviour and communications and determine from all the converging insights your brand position, territory and essence (but not a creative tag line).

Not external facing, but the binding glue and core of your brand purpose which becomes rooted into “why” this brand exists.

Everything the brand does from here filters from this definition – it is what “guides” your brand.

3. Deploy

The BRAND BEHAVIOUR WHEEL is a behavioral beacon for all brand expressions across every category and dimension of the business, internally and externally. That is – what the brand essence means internally and externally – to inspire all stakeholders.

Phase 1 and 2 in practice (Discover & Define)

Unlocking Fiji Airways brand positioning in airline travel category

We understand how to position your brand in your category to connect with customers, defend your turf, differentiate against competitors.

Phase 3 and 4 in practice (Deploy, Identity & Language)

Fiji Airways anchored its global brand essence and positioning around “when you fly Fiji Airways you feel at home as part of our extended family – not as a tourist”.

This lead to Welcome To Our Home being developed and 11 times world surfing champion, Kelly Slater as part of the brand campaign deployment which also comprised of four (4) emotion-laden digital brand videos bringing to life what flying with Fiji Airways is truly about.

Launch of new SIN-NAN route saw Fiji Airways develop a first of its kind Virtual Reality “Rejuvenation Bure” in Singapore for locals to ignite the dream to escape from their daily stresses & pressures to “happiness”

Development of brand & tactical messages to support brand positioning campaigns, airline products and services, rapid-reaction tactical campaigns for the airline in all source markets across its network

Identification of ways to weave Welcome To Our Home through every touch-point of the end to end guest journey – to leverage Fiji Airway’s brand territory and make it a consistent, remarkable experience

Leverage our global brand experience

Cherryielding’s lead rand strategist is globally awarded, who in addition to developing the Fiji Airways brand re-positioning has shaped the brand experience for some of the world’s leading global consumer brands.

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