Automated Customer Review Amplification

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What is this technological opportunity?

A new, state-of-the-art platform that automatically surveys your customers and re-shares positive comments via multiple channels, including Google and Trip Advisor.

*  Asking customers to provide feedback about their experience and knowing how to leverage it, enhances your online brand reputation.

*  Automating the solicitation, capturing, sharing and amplification of positive reviews is the most cost-effective way to digitally prospect for look-a-likes and drive repeat business.

How Does It Work?

Why add this to your marketing mix?

*  This new service is unique and authentically validates your brand adoption and advocacy as part of your social marketing mix, without significant investment

*  Customers who leave a positive review and engage are likely to become repeat customers. The wider audience seeing these reviews are more likely to enquire and purchase

*  Reviews and social activity/visibility help increase organic search rankings

* User Generated Content is essential to encouraging other customers to become active within social channels

Our Approach

1. Connect to Customer Database

Businesses are guided through the process required to collect customer emails via their transaction / sales channels. Different collection software can be utilised as needed such as Clover, MailChimp, Sprout Social, Hubspot and more.

2. Automatically survey select customers

Smaller groups of customers are surveyed, so as to avoid getting a huge flood of reviews or user generated content. This begins within the Social Survey tool, which queries the database, automates scheduling of survey send-outs and more.

3. Complaint Resolution

If the automated Social Survey identifies a customer which has had a negative experience, they can be followed up by your internal customer service staff for instant Complaint Resolution (before negative word of mouth gets in-market).

Dirty-laundry sharing (and online brand reputation damage) avoided!

4. Prompted to Review & Engage

Surveys can appear as having originated from a particular member of the sales team at a branch-level, to give an authentic, personal touch (if applicable).

Positive reviews are automated across as many multiple platforms as are relevant (e.g. Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). These can also be re-posted (automatically) via multiple parts and individuals of the business (to optimise search rankings and social visibility.

5. Reviews Become Graphic Content

Highly positive reviews are turned into infographic style content and shared organically through your social channels.

These act as social proof for the wider audience who may be considering your brand but haven’t made a decision to purchase.

These are designed within your brand guidelines and can use your photo assets as needed, all of which is done for you.

6. Amplify your Raving Fans to Look-a-likes

Using tracking technology, customers which report a very positive experience (4 ½ – 5 star reviews) are further targeted and emailed with an offering to generate authentic content, often video-based. This offering is typically a discount or gift card, prompting them to take action (using # or @ to amplify and track). This helps get your raving fans back to purchase again, and stimulates their peers to trial and/or purchase for the first time.

7. Leverage your Raving Fans (Lookalikes)

After segmenting your customers into Raving Fans, which are the most valuable customer for a brand, a Lookalike audience is created within Facebook to target other audiences (via paid FB advertising) which share the same behavior and attributes.

Using Facebook, these campaigns target the best possible audiences which the data can inform.

In Summary

A platform that delivers the following…

1. Solicits interest from, and enables customers to complete online surveys

2. Detects dissatisfied customers for your customer service teams to resolve

3. Converts happy, positive reviews and feedback into graphics and user content

4. Syndicates and re-posts reviews / content via multiple channels (including Google, Trip Advisor, your social channels and staff hierarchically)

5. Generates more new, quality leads (look-a-likes to your existing, happy customers)

6. Encourages repeat business from those customers surveyed or past customers who witness your social visibility and online brand reputation being enhanced

So simple, yet so powerful.

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